Why We Do It

We know that many people are looking for simple and unique ways to make a positive impact in the lives of others, and feel better about purchasing a product or service when they know that by doing so, they're going to have the chance to give back and help someone in need. So we created a program to help them do just that: a program that lets people make a choice and helps them to make a difference.

You ask why we do it? Three reasons:

1. We do it because we're passionate about making a difference in the world by helping others.

2. We do it because charities, and those they serve, need our help (and yours) now, more than ever.

3. And we do it because we believe that together, with your help, we can actually make a difference.

True, it's never been done this way before, but we believe in the approach, we believe in the charities we have selected, and we believe in you. And sometimes, passion, belief and hard work are all it takes.

We want Donation Junction to always be honest, genuine, friendly, accessible, efficient and effective at making a real difference in people's lives and at making a positive impact on our world. By providing access to easy to understand and accessible charitable actions, like planting a tree, or providing a meal to someone who's hungry, medicine for a sick child, or clean drinking water for someone who's thirsty, we know that these small but meaningful actions can add up to make a big difference in today's world. And that's a good start... don't you think?

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  • How Does DonationJunction.org Work?
    How it Works:
        1. Go online to DonationJunction.org.
        2. Enter your PIN#.
        3. Select which charitable item you would like to donate.
        4. Enter your email address.
  • Where Do I Redeem?
    You can redeem your DonationJunction charitable reward by clicking here.
  • Where Can I Find My PIN?
    You will receive a small card or email that will look like the below from our sponsoring companies. The pin # has been identified on each.
  • How Can I Find a Sponsoring Company?
    Please contact us with your zip code and we will send you a list of sponsoring companies in your area.
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