At Donation Junction, our mission is simple:  Create a place where everyone has an opportunity to make a choice and make a difference in the lives of others.

We’ve accomplished that through a one of a kind online program that matches people who have a heart for helping others with carefully selected, well-established charity partners who are doing great work and who are committed to changing lives with us.  Those lives might be changed by providing a family with clean drinking water, giving a year’s worth of vitamins to a child, teaching a young person how to read, or vaccinating a baby against disease.

Ever been in a store or shopping online, and they got you to buy something or do something by giving you an extra reward or bonus?  Maybe it was a rebate or a discount or a gift card.  Businesses are busy spending billions of dollars giving you rewards and incentives to buy their products.  We get it.  But many of us don’t use those rewards.  We lose them.  We throw them away.  At Donation Junction, we believe there are many people out there…maybe you’re one of them…who, if they had a choice, would rather use their reward or incentive to make a difference in the life of someone else less fortunate than them.  And it couldn’t be a better time for it, with more than half of the charities in the United States reporting they don’t have enough money to meet the needs of the people they’re trying to serve.

That’s what Donation Junction is all about.  We’re working with businesses and charities to replace those traditional rewards and bonuses with charitable rewards that give people like you the chance to take your reward and help someone else.  With a Donation Junction Reward PIN, you have the opportunity to look at several great charity options to support, choose the one that you feel best about, and we’ll make a donation to that charity for you.  The charities then take that donation and use it to change a life.  To us, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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  • How Does Work?
    How it Works:
        1. Go online to
        2. Enter your PIN#.
        3. Select which charitable item you would like to donate.
        4. Enter your email address.
  • Where Do I Redeem?
    You can redeem your DonationJunction charitable reward by clicking here.
  • Where Can I Find My PIN?
    You will receive a small card or email that will look like the below from our sponsoring companies. The pin # has been identified on each.
  • How Can I Find a Sponsoring Company?
    Please contact us with your zip code and we will send you a list of sponsoring companies in your area.
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